Underwater Filtration Operation UFO™


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Global Splash Inc

318 Jones Street
Pineville, Louisiana, 71360
Phone: 855.255.2221 http://www.globalsplashinc.com/


  • Unique patented system integrates 4 key technologies to remove 90+% of suspended solids down to 10 microns.
  • Floats in source water or located with a minimum footprint next to a well or membrane filtration system. Modular capacities with flow rates of 50,000 to 5Mgal./D
  • Uses no chemicals, fully automated
  • Self-cleaning, no handling of rejected materials
  • Low-impact, environmentally friendly design
  • 40+% savings in operational Costs
  • Investment < half traditional treatment solutions with comparable performance.

- Agricultural – allows use of marginal surface and well water for irrigation of golf courses, crops and horticulture
- Power Plants – inlets for cooling and process water
- Lift stations – inlet for erosion control ponds and storm
water catchments
- Mining Water – treatment and reclamation inlets
- Desalination – excellent primary filtration for RO and membrane systems

- UFO™ SERIES produces (50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000)Gals/Day of water with effective filtration down to 10microns.
- The UFO™ has over 15 years of development to make available again our vast quantity of surface waters presently unused because of excessive turbidity, suspended solids, organic pollutants, or the risk of further propagating aggressive invasive species which destroy the aquatic food chain.
- Quad Barrier™ high capacity models available to fit your requirements
- Well models can be combined with other treatment to address excess minerals, salts, nitrates and iron.

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Quad BarrierTM
- Initial Investment per thousand gallons $3.00
- Operational energy  costs/day $6.89
- Est. Yearly Maintenance costs $160

Traditional 10µm Filtration
- Initial Investment per thousand gallons $5.00
- Operational energy costs / Day $16.73
- Est. Yearly Maintenance costs $650

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- Patented Quad Barrier™ Filtration Technology
- Fully self cleaning
- No external water required for Back Flush cycle
- Floats in source water eliminating expensive civil works and disruptions to stream flow
- Rejected materials stay in source; Zero disposal costs
- Use no Chemicals in Filtration process
- lower costs than groundwater extraction
- Minimal installation piping or electrical work
- Modular and portable. Takes less than 1 day to relocate.
- Control architecture can match your needs and standards

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