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  1. Innovation

    The week of 1/14 was a really exciting one for Sustainable Water Works. It reinforced the importance of innovation in water products and why Michigan has the talent and need to create and manufacture it. It started with an Auto Show event called “The Main Event” organized by our partners...
  2. New Year 2013

    Happy New Year to all of our Sustainable Water Works (SWW) partners! 2013 promises to be a pivotal year for sustainable water development in Michigan, the US and the World. Last year was the warmest year on record in the United States. Weather patterns were at best erratic and significantly...
  3. Value of Great Lakes Restoration

    The Statewide Public Advisory Council for Michigan’s Areas of Concern Program sponsored a workshop called Remediation to Restoration to Revitalization on October 25 in Kalamazoo. Manistee, Traverse City, Marquette and Macomb shared their experience on how Great Lakes Restoration in their watersheds provided the opportunity for urban revitalization and economic...

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