Collaborative Water Innovation

Sustainable Water Works (SWW) transforms water research and invention into products by facilitating a state of the art virtual ideation, design, engineering and proveout process. Significant academic, business and independent research exists that could become commercial products. Many researchers and inventors do not have access or experience to take their concept and models through a product development process ready for funding and manufacturing. The Business Forum provides access to a network of experts, businesses, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and funders who can form a collaborative team to produce a product. SWW has experts in ideation to help understand the product and market; facilitate virtual design, engineering and proveout to efficiently create the product; affiliates to produce prototype and workhorse products for testing and validation; and Business Forum members capable and interested in testing promising technology producing superior results. The Innovation Factory supports development of technology and system solutions, produced in Michigan, to meet the global challenge of providing clean, abundant and affordable water.