Innovation Questionnaire

Welcome to the Innovation Factory, we are interested in sustainable water product concepts that are modular, scalable and manufacturable. Sustainable Water Works facilitates Product Development of research and invention by providing access to ideation, design, engineering and prototype resources who will support your concept to product creation using our process.  The first step in this process is to learn what you have created and what market it could serve.  Sustainable Water Works is focused on creating water sector jobs and manufacturing in Michigan by supporting sustainable water research and invention development into products.  You are the subject matter expert on your research or invention and it is your responsibility to make all decisions on the Product Development workplan and funding.  Sustainable Water Works is a pay for service business with ideation, design and product development experts to guide you through the process.  Sustainable Water Works does not take any equity stake in your Intellectual Property or accountability for the technical, financial or marking decisions you make.  Your idea stays your idea and any potential collaborators or stakeholders identified by Sustainable Water Works from our network negotiate compensation with you  directly based on your assessment of their contribution.   We are conveners, neutral third parties and project facilitators.

Innovation Questionnaire

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  • Intellectual Property or Trade Secrets should not be disclosed in this description



Sustainable Water Works is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  We will not disclose your idea without your expressed written permission and if the idea meets our criteria, we will develop a Product Development agreement.   SWW respects the value of your intellectual property and will consider signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to facilitate your engagement with the Innovation Factory.  Because SWW is a non-profit dedicated to developing concepts to the benefit of innovators and in the interests of sustainable water management, SWW will ask that you indemnify it from any claims associated with your access to the Innovation Factory other than those covered by an NDA.